Once a powerful kingdom, Portugal dominated old merchant routes from Africa, South America to the Orient. Discover the legacy of the oldest European country by witnessing emblematic stone edge vestiges, Roman and Arabic settlements, Cister Monasteries, Templar Castles, Manuelin architecture and impressive medieval fortresses. Immerge yourself into stunning landscapes and see the diversify fauna at the National park of Peneda-Gerês; drive trough a perfect scenic coastline from Extremadura to Alentejo; find out about the Beira’s villages and their wild mountains; don’t miss Algarve’s Formosa estuary for a top nature experience. Coming to Portugal is exploring infinite avenues of amazing experiences, all offer at a stretch of a hand.


Target Travel: Classic coach Tour, Pure essence.


Service Level: Comfort & Tailor made elements.


Days Trip: 14 nights and up

The real voyage of discovery consist
   not in seeking new landscapes
      but in having new eyes