OUR ROOTS                   

Our founder Patrick Simard, a Canadian base in Spain, travelled as an international model since 1994 and his experiences brought him to a new challenging career. Discovering new lands and cultures as been part of his whole life and now as a founder of DFT Travel, it was time for him to share his knowledge in a new dimension in the Art of Travel. As a permanent CEO, every step of the creation of your tour & event is meticulously under his regard and full experience on the ground services. Concern about the need of the most demanding clientele, his goal is to create the perfect traveling experiences and change people lives.


  OUR GOAL                    

DFT provide its clientele exceptional travel experiences and services. Each of our clients has white-glove services with only their desires and requirements in mind.


  OUR WAY                     


Our passion for travel is emulated only by our commitment to those we serve. From helping our travelers choose the perfect trip, to providing them with the most authentic travel experience of life possible. We ensure unique and unforgettable travel experiences unlike anything they’ve ever imagined.



We are proud of our reputation as an international suppliers for the top agencies and wholesalers. Leader in innovative, authentic event and travel tour, we work in that way to ensure we stay on top. We have a profound respect for our client, and we are enthusiastic to share our values, and knowledge to create a top quality event and tour. We like to underline that travel happiness is our great commitment and will be part of each moment of your discoveries.



Our success is established on a very simple principle. Do the right thing all the time, every time. We fulfill an once-in-a-lifetime experience for our clients, trough the people and places we make them visit. It’s our commitment to challenge and adapt ourselves to do and realize the ultimate tour ever.


Our partnership network, well established since 1994, is our key success to a total knowledge of our ground and airlservices. Our suppliers selection is meticulous and periodically under a quality supervision to unsure our DFT's  level of excellence.